20 Mar 2009, 12:09pm
Looper's Delight

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Looper’s Delight [Part 1]: Conceptualizing the Project

[Looper’s Delight will be, I hope, an ongoing series of articles that documents my latest project. I’ll update as I make progress, but don’t expect it to be regular! If you think it’s a cool idea to document something like this, check out the series that inspired me at CovertOperators.]

I’ve been talking to my buddy lately about live electronic music and how it interfaces with the rest of a band. There are as many ways to approach it as there are songs to play, which is exciting until you sit down to perform something and hit the wall.

It’s a chicken and egg thing. Performing electronic music requires a ton of pre-production, but if you want your songs to be performance based, the writing process requires performance. Conundrum! more »